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REC: Summer Reads

Hello, my bibliolaters (don't be lazy, Google it)!

Summer is coming up fast (maybe it's here already?) and by the looks of it, we're gonna stay inside this year as well. And since we all have that pile of books staring at us hard, it would be a good thing to tackle some of them, right?

Here's a list of some summery reads to help you (and me) out with what to read next, so have fun, and recommend me some awesome books in the comment as well.

1. Beach Read - Emily Henry

This book is as summery as it gets: two writers, their writing style and genres completely different, move into cottages next to each other (on a beach). Both of them are dealing with writer's block, so they decide to try each others' genre...and things get interesting.

2. The Proposal - Jasmine Guillory

So, Nikole's boyfriend of 5 months just proposed to her in front of thousands of people, and she said no (more power to her!), and that disappointed the whole crowd. Enter our knight in shining armor, Carlos, who rescues her from the crowd, and together they embark on a journey filled with fun, food, and sex. Doesn't that sound like a perfect love story?

3. Circe - Madelline Miller

Okay, enough with romance (not a promise, though), it's time for Greek Gods and Goddesses now. Circe, born a witch, was shunned by Zeus (her father) and all other Gods and Goddesses and banished to a deserted island with nothing on it. This book has a unique take on Circe's story, quite different from what's traditionally told. This book has some interesting commentary on a lot of important things, but the Greek God element screams summer!

4. The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry - Gabrielle Zevin

This book is a must for us book lovers. AJ has a bookshop, and its sales are the worst, and he has lost his wife, and he seems to be distancing himself from the whole of Alice Island. But then a mysterious package arrives and everything changes. The whole story is filled with love, hope, and heartwarming fuzzy feelings - feelings that scream summer to me, so warm and so bright. Just dive in knowing nothing about it and enjoy the ride!

5. Bunny - Mona Awad

Okay, this is a strange one, seriously! Mean girl groups, a little bit of weird magical elements, "Smut Salons" (don't even ask), and so much more. Join these college students as they navigate through it all, and don't ask any questions till you pick this book up!

That's all for today, my loves. I know this is quite short but don't we all have enough books on our TBR glaring daggers at us already?

Till next time.



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