Beyond Worth Uh' Dance Book 2 ("OTD" Off The Dribble) - The Governor, Joseph Flowers

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About the book:

Maxwell Pixar is a hustler in nature from a different kind of cloth. His family prescribes further than money!

And even though he'd recently inherited Tri-Dimensions Energy Landmines, equipped for fracking of plentiful petroleum minerals and oils, his hood mentality overpowers his sense of guidance.

Soon he's caught between loyalty, money & lust after brushing up against the sunshine of his life, Delishis Gap. Her moves from their initial swipes were beyond vibes.

Then out of nowhere he's arrested. Very strikingly “Max” assumes his notoriety would jeopardize achieving him due process—irrespective, he fights tooth and nails with attorney’s, upon jeopardy attached! It wasn’t enough learning the hidden embedded biases. Re-rocked his whole visuals of life. Now who's forced proving any existence of illegal taints from unlawful misconducts. Was it a Constitutional- rights violation? Yet, He risked not only jail time and losing his claim of fame—but the stakes increased to his multi-millions from his family's legacy. Get ready it’s “Beyond worth uh’ dance.”


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The whole book will take you through a huge roller coaster ride of emotions, so you better be ready for it!

The story line follows the journey of Maxwell Pixar, who recently inherited "Tri- Dimensions Energy Landmines", as he navigates his world and everything that's happening around him. He was brought up in an environment whereas money was always held at a different value than what’s unstated. We can sense that's deeply instilled from his culture and upbringings throughout the book, in the choices he'd made.

Even though he is now the heir of his family business, his true love and passion lie in hip-hop and he ultimately is set on his way to achieving stardom & fame. He utilizes his passion and finds happiness in it. But as the saying goes, all good things come to an end eventually, his happiness is short lived when he suddenly gets arrested and is thrown in the midst of a whirlpool of ill-intent politics, and legal bias.

The whole journey was very heart wrenching, and so painful to digest. Coming from the background that he’s from, still following his own passion, finding his place in hip-hop for all of it to come out of nowhere crumbling down, just for some vendetta not even related to the situation was truly heart-breaking. The trial process was very hard to get through as you’ll notice the hurdles of biased jury preconditions, and internal politics play a major part in trapping him from every angle leaving him on the verge of losing everything he has ever gained.

The language might peek a little aggressive to people going in blind, but that's the part of the appeal of the book. It showcases the raw and gritty ups and downs of human natures as they come. The writing's a little ebonics which is off-putting at times that breaks the flow, but nothing too major. It did take some time to get through the book, just because of how dense and dark the content is. But once getting use to the writing style, it did get easier with surfing into the characters' mind frames and understanding the plot even better.

Over all, it was a really good read! And I would recommend you to go ahead and read it, but do research the trigger warnings first.


Recommendation Level:

Waxing Gibbous


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