A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - Holly Jackson

Trigger Warnings:

Rape, Drug Abuse, Animal Abuse


Micro Plotline:

We follow along with Pip, who's a senior high school student trying to look into a cold case of the murder of Andie Bell. Everyone knows that she was killed by her then-boyfriend, Sal Singh, who later also committed suicide...or so it seems. The twist is, she knew him, and what she knew about him doesn't add up to this. So, she takes this case upon herself as her senior year independent project to prepare for her career choice of journalism.



Okay, so first of all, I would like to say that pick up this book only if you plan to pull an all-nighter because you simply can't get enough of it. Badass, nerdy female main character? Check. Realistic yet exciting plotline? Check. Fast-paced mystery action? Check. Blind plot twists? CHECK. This book almost bags the title for being the perfect thriller/mystery.

The whole book is written in a true-crime podcast-like format, which makes it even more enjoyable and easy to follow. It's written in mixed media format, starting from interviews to transcripts to reports and even DIAGRAMS at times. I mean, can you imagine the level of detail here? And all that, minus the info dump.

All the facts proven or otherwise are displayed in such a manner that they clearly tell you a story, and are inter-connected really well. Reminds me of Agatha Christie's books, the way she leaves subtle hints in her story whose importance is revealed at the end. There were quite a few blind plot twists that really kept me on the edge of my seat, which looked out of the blue at first, but going back I could really see the subtle hints planted here and there.

The only complaint I have is the pacing of the end scene. The book did such a good job at building up the mystery and slowly unraveling its layers, that the ending seemed a little bit too rushed, like an abrupt revelation. I really wouldn't have minded the extra pages.

Overall, it was a solid read, and I seriously can't wait to dig into the sequel!



4 / 5


Recommendation Level:

Waxing gibbous