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Hello, hoomans!

I'm Abby, an UI developer and avid reader (well, born to parents who devour books for food, what else can you really expect?), always found with a cup of coffee and surrounded by my fur babies.

I tend to gravitate more towards YA Fiction, and adult fiction, but I do love to explore all kinds of genre, because who knows when I might find my next new favorite book!

Some random things about me: I'm selenophilic (yeah, I didn't know the meaning when I read it the first time as well), I love having furry babies around, you'll always see me vibe to BTS, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kane Brown and oh so much more! 

Anyway, I started this blog to connect to people all around and to rave about my favorited books of all time and so much more (can you tell that I'm indecisive? No, right?). Come hang with me, and let's stan.


I would love to see you around!

XOXO, Abby

(Your non-conventional Book Blogger)